Keybase Staging Server
Keybase Staging Server

Keys for everyone!

Keybase maps your identity to your public keys, and vice versa.

"Hello World" in Keybase

keybase signup                  # or `keybase login`keybase prove twitter           # connect a twitter accountkeybase prove hackernews        # connect hacker newskeybase id nedmike@reddit       # lookup by redditkeybase encrypt max -m "Hello, max..." # encrypt!# Using the new Keybase filesystemecho "Hello world" > /keybase/public/myname/hello.txt# End-to-end encryptionecho "Let's kiss" > /keybase/private/myname,friendsname/hi.txt

For the next few weeks, Keybase installation requires an invitation code. Join up.

The Keybase filesystem

Keybase just announced the Keybase filesystem, #1 on Hacker News! Some testers are getting special binaries that include KBFS functionality. If you're interested,read more.

And what about the website? is also a Keybase client, however certain crypto actions are limited.



  • Keys: 384,812
  • Humans: 111,987


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Welcome to Keybase

Keybase is a directory of people and public keys.

In a nutshell, Keybase lets you get someone's public key and trust it, without meeting in person or trusting a "web of trust."

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